The Key to Successful ICD-10 Conversion

The key to successful ICD-10 transition is planning and preparation.

It is an exciting time in Health Care, but will take time and effort to make the transition a success.  The federal government announced that the implementation date had been pushed back to October 2013. This should allow  physicians, medical facilities, and billing services time to ensure that their systems are fully up-to-date with the new codes.

Using a trusted third party billing service can help with a successful conversion.  All reputable billing services will be working hard to make sure that their systems are completely converted to ICD-10. This includes not only making sure that software and systems are updated, but also that their full range of staff has been educated and trained on using this new vast array of diagnosis codes. This includes both physician and procedure codes (ICD-10-CM) as well as hospital based codes (ICD-10-PCS).

It may seem that October 2013 is a long way off, it will be here before we know it.  Now is the time to make to decide about allowing a competent, reliable and efficient medical billing service  handle the details for your practice and provide your office not just with claims processing, but also peace of mind.

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