Best Practices for Medical Billing

In order to maximize the inflow of cash into a medical office, it’s important to follow some basic rules and procedures to insure that insurance claims are properly fulfilled and patients pay on time. Integrated Medical Management offers a wide variety of services to help fulfill these goals. Their billing, scheduling and consulting services will allow your office to improve efficiency in patient care and increase the income your office needs to operate to the best of its ability. Consider a few of the following ideas for improving efficiency even more.

-Know the right ID’s. There are codes and identifications for almost everything in medical billing, and this will be even more true once new standards for recording medical ailments and conditions come to effect in October 2013.

-Verify eligibility before an appointment. Determine what kind of care is covered for patients by their insurance providers before they arrive at the office. This will increase efficiency and overall care for all patients once they physically arrive at the office.

-Check for mistakes. It takes a lot less time to double check your reports before you submit them than it does to fix them once they have already been processed.  Electronic form submissions have made it much easier to process paperwork, but mistakes can still be made at the doctor/nurse/patient level and it’s always best to recheck information in order to save potential time wasted in the future.

-Follow-up on submitted claims and bills. Sometimes things can fall through the cracks, even in an electronic billing environment. Allowing claims or bills to go unpaid will mean less money for the office and less care for the patients.

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