Improvements for Payers, Billers and Providers: Part 2

A myriad of issues affect medical bill management companies. Earlier this week, we discussed challenges facing billing and insurance companies, patients and providers, so here is the rest of the list:

Challenge: Incorrect claims adjudication based on the specialty of a physician.

Solution: Implementation of a mechanism that better enables claims adjudication for physicians with dual specialties.

Challenge: Loading of contract payment terms across multiple systems is inconsistent.

Solution: It is important for payers to make sure contract payment terms are loaded consistently across systems. Also, clearly identify the correct arrangements so provider staff can verify that the claims are paid accordingly.

Challenge: Websites are outdated.

Solution: Payers can help reduce most of the inaccurate claims submissions stemming from inaccurate or outdated information by providing physicians with real time information on their members eligibility and claims history.

Challenge: Authorization systems are outdated.

Solution: Replace the ineffective system—in which PCPs fax authorizations for specialists—with automated information technology so payers can help reduce the amount of paper, facilitate reimbursement and speed things up.

Challenge: Credentialing processes are unregulated.

Solution: Payers could increase the speed and efficiency of the present system (from several months to just 60 days) by applying a consistent process for enrolling or credentialing physicians.

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