Making the Most of Revenue Cycle Technology

Obtaining appropriate reimbursement is becoming more of a challenge as the demands of health care reform grow. Companies billing for medical services are increasingly looking to revenue cycle management solutions to simplify claims processing and meet new standards (like the version 5010 format and ICD-10 code set requirements, to name a few).

As Las Vegas based billing specialists, we have some tips for getting the most out of revenue cycle management technology:

  • Make sure there is buy-in from the start by engaging staff members who might use the technology throughout the entire selection process.
  • Prepare your staff for industry changes by involving them in continued education with trade organizations like HBNA.
  • Look to your technology partner for ongoing training and customer support so you realize the full potential of the technology.
  • Before adopting a new technology solution, confirm that it will fit seamlessly within your existing workflow.
  • When choosing a new technology system, make sure that it extends your existing abilities by keeping your organization ahead of the curve.

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