New Rules

Today (July 18), the Department of Health and Human Services issued rules to cut down on the amount of paperwork that buries doctors, nurses and other caregivers. So what does this medical bill management news mean for you? Well, your doctor spends an average of 12 cents of every dollar to hire staff to fill out insurance forms, so this means doctors will get paid quicker for treating you.

According to some predictions, these changes will save the U.S. healthcare system $12 billion over the next 10 years. It will also free up caregivers to spend more time with patients, which is what everyone wants, right?

This will mean fewer phone calls negotiating physicians and health plans, lower paperwork and postage costs, and fewer denied claims—and it means physicians can spent more time and money administering quality care and less time dealing with billing and collections and more red tape.

These rules were called for by the Affordable Care Act and means that doctors and other health care professionals will be able to use one simple form to ask your insurance company if you are eligible for benefits. Under these rules, a second form will be used for doctors’ offices to check the status of insurance claims they have filed. Insurers have agreed to forgo multiple systems and accept these forms.

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