What You Need to Know About ACOs

ACOs are a current buzzword when it comes to health policy and in the integrated medical care field, but do you know what they are? Read our post for how it may affect Las Vegas billing for medical services and more.

The goal of ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) is to:

• Pay providers in a way that encourages them to work collaboratively.

• Pay providers in a way that doesn’t spurn supplier induced demand.

• Create an organization that reaps benefits from providing high quality care.

What are the differences between ACOs and HMOs?

• Accountability lies with providers, so providers (as opposed to insurance companies) are evaluated based on quality and efficiency of care.

• A health plan intermediary is not required for direct contracting with provider organizations.

• Flexibility in the type of organization is allowed with ACOs. For example, some regions may prefer a physician-hospital organization (PHO), while others may prefer independent practice associations (IPAs).

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