What You Need to Know About E-Prescribing

Want to stay current on the latest news when it comes to e-prescribing and everything else in the medical billing world? You have come to the right place! Las Vegas’ Integrated Medical Management has all of the latest news, including news about e-prescribing.

According to recent reports, physicians seeing Medicare patients now have additional opportunities to avoid being penalized for failing to prescribe medications electronically by the June 30 deadline, issued under a proposed rule via the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. This is welcome news for eligible physicians who don’t expect to report at least 10 electronic drug orders to CMS by June 30.
Medicare will reprimand those doctors that don’t meet 2011 e-prescribing requirements by reducing payments by 1% in 2012 and said on May 26 that doctors would be given a second chance to avoid the penalty post-deadline. Said physicians are allowed to claim one of the hardship exemptions online through October 1.

Additionally, the proposed rule would apply to physician practices that have already adopted certified electronic medical record systems—which could be used to satisfy the e-prescribing requirements, too—in an effort to earn Medicare or Medicaid meaningful use bonuses. Practices that use certified EMRs to send paperless drug orders will satisfy the e-prescribing requirement under the current program, as long as the system meets four functionalities. EMRs will be acceptable for e-prescribing in future reporting years (even if they don’t meet the four specific functionalities) if the proposed rule is finalized later this year.

“Eliminating unreasonable penalties and burdensome requirements, and providing physicians with more flexibility through an exemption process, will help ensure more physicians are able to successfully participate in the e-prescribing incentive program. The AMA has continually stressed to CMS that these changes were essential and is pleased to see them become a reality in a rule that will be finalized later this summer,” said AMA president Cecil B. Wilson, MD.

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