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Wednesday, September 15th, 2010


Nearly every doctor’s office is frantically analyzing electronic medical record (EMR) software companies to get their share of the government money. The clinical side of many of the programs is slick. The bells and whistles are exciting for you and your staff. But what about billing?

Many EMR systems added a billing component almost as an afterthought to provide a ‘complete’ software system. Unfortunately, some key elements are usually missing.

Here are a few items to consider when speaking with a potential EMR vendor:

1. Can you load all your contracted rates?
2. Can you run a report of claims paid less than the contracted rate?
3. Can you run a credit balance report?
4. Can you ‘hold’ patient statements if you have returned mail?
5. Are you able to track the reasons for denials?
6. Can you put an ‘alert’ on the account for the front desk, i.e. wrong insurance/address on file?
7. Is there an audit trail by user?
8. Does the system accept electronic remittances?

While keeping the above in mind, make sure to have your billers see a demonstration of the EMR you like. They are the best ones to determine if the billing component is worth the extra money.